HOLD FAST knurled grips for Harley Davidson and custom motorcycles. Has the word "HOLD" on the throttle side facing forward, and "FAST" on the left side facing forward. Works on throttle cable models 84-UP (EXCEPT 08-UP dressers and other models with throttle by wire, WILL NOT WORK ON ELECTRONIC THROTTLE BY WIRE MODELS). Completely 3d CNC machined from billet aluminum. (2) 6/32 stainless set screws hold the left grip in place. Will work with single or dual cable setups with 1" bars or 1" grip area.  Available in gold anodized or black anodized with contrast cut lettering.  MADE IN THE U.S.A.!


SKU: BLACK-OR-GOLD-Hold-Fast-Knurled-Grips